From the SAFe SPC course in April 2014

In the beginning of April Knowit hosted a 3-day Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) Program Consultant class with Dean Leffingwell in Stockholm. SAFe is a field proven and evolving framework based on principles from agile, lean and product development flow which scales from team level up to a portfolio of programs to enable enterprise agility. Knowit`s licensed SAFe Program Consultants Fredrik Wiik and Pär Jansson who have assisted Dean before were asked to take responsibility for some key exercises during the days. We were delighted of the opportunity to co-train with Dean and the week gave us a great possibility to get clarifications of the questions we had related to the course material.

The SAFe SPC class was full with 40+ attendees from all parts of Europe and the dynamic throughout the course was great. As always Dean assured high energy with a lot of stories from his rich working life. We truly enjoyed this intense week which ended with a big conference which you can read about in other blog posts.

If you are interested in learning more about SAFe we can recommend the 2 day Leading SAFe course. Next time Knowit gives an open Leading SAFe class is June 2-3 in Stockholm.

SAFe SPC Dean Knowit


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